Struggle With Our Old Lifestyle

What does Romans 7:15-25 say to you about personal struggles?

These are my reflections  from a message I heard from Pastor Steven Davis  of Calvary Gospel Church in Newark, NJ.

Paul’s conversion was about 33 AD. He wrote this letter about 57 AD . He was then 24 years into the ministry. This is a man speaking from experience and also the authority of God.
We also learn from experience.   But God uses our life experiences, good or bad to teach us the deeper things of his wisdom.  Jesus is the truth and the life.

Paul , through his writings, allows us to  see a picture of the painful struggles of contending with the sinful nature. He speak about it like it’s a warfare going on inside of himself.  He cries, “Who will deliver me?” Rom. 7:24

We all struggle but the same Jesus who helped Paul will help and teach us in our battles.

What are you learning?