We Remember Tuesday Night Bible Study-Phillipians

Here is an short question sheet for the book study we did on Phillpians.  We even did homework back then. Note that sometimes Ray or I would lead the study. But also the members in the in the class would teach on occasion.


Oct. 5. 1999

1.  Who was inspired to write the book of Phillipians?


2.  Where was he when the book was written?


3. Where does the story start?  (Acts 16:11-40


4.   What is the difference between this letter and the letter to the Ephesians?



What Do We Do With Our Aged?

Luke 2:21-38

The aged are viewed in different ways by diferent cultures. This bible study was discussed on one our Tuesday night sessions.

Unlike today, the elders in Jewish culture were respected, Simeon and Anna were both old so their blessings carried extra weight. Our society values youthfulness over wisdom.


1. How can we encourage our elderly?
2. What age group can we go to for wisdom?
3. What’s the different between great knowledge and wisdom?
What Do We Do With Our Aged?