What Do We Do With Our Aged?

Luke 2:21-38

The aged are viewed in different ways by diferent cultures. This bible study was discussed on one our Tuesday night sessions.

Unlike today, the elders in Jewish culture were respected, Simeon and Anna were both old so their blessings carried extra weight. Our society values youthfulness over wisdom.


1. How can we encourage our elderly?
2. What age group can we go to for wisdom?
3. What’s the different between great knowledge and wisdom?
What Do We Do With Our Aged?

2 thoughts on “What Do We Do With Our Aged?

  1. We can encourage our elderly by spending quality time with them as well as being sensitive to their demands.

    It is better to go to the elderly for wisdom because they know more than we do know now; thus this saying in one of the african dialects “what an elderly sees seating down, even a child on top of a mountain cannot see it.”

    Well great knowledge can be defined as book knowledge and wisdom is the knowledge that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. Knowledge unlike wisdom, anybody can acquire it.

    Prov 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.
    God bless!

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